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This sailing course is an introduction to sailing. The course is designed to give you hands-on experience and give you the opportunity to learn how to sail on San Francisco Bay with a minimal amount of time and money. A class size is limited to six people. This allows everyone the chance to steer the boat and man the sails.

The course can be given on a weekday or weekend, either Saturday or Sunday from 9am-4pm. There will be a classroom session and hands-on sailing on the water. All instructional materials are included. This is private sailing class so you can bring five more people with you. The cost is $150 per hour.


Covered in this Course:
Parts Of The Boat
Sailing Theory
Rigging The Boat
Tacking & Jibing
Points Of Sail
Sail Trim
True & Apparent Wind
Right Of Way Rules
Man Overboard Recovery
Reefing & Heaving-To
Buoyage Systems
Sailing Etiquette
Marine Communications
Tide and Currents
Safety Gear


For more information, please call John at (415)602-8416 orĀ